Levelscompleted.txt can’t update


After the last Piper update, we lost our progress. I thought that would be easy to fix seeing another post about updating levelscompleted.txt. However we cannot write to the file as it owned by root and it’s perms are 644. Two things:

  1. why did we lose our progress and can we get it back?
  2. Are the perms wrong on the levels completed file or do we need root access.




  1. What version of Piper were you at and what version are you now at? (go to the gear icon and look at the bottom of the page.)
  2. please exit piper to the desktop and open a terminal session
  3. enter ls piper/game/userData/playData/levelsCompleted.txt -al what does that line look like.

you should be able to enter:
leafpad piper/game/userData/playData/levelsCompleted.txt
make the change and it should save, but if it doesn’t try:
sudo leafpad piper/game/userData/playData/levelsCompleted.txt
make the changes and it should save

Let me know if that works.


Hi Paul,

Current version is 2.4.2

The sudo leafpad worked.

Perms on the file are:




that image did not show up.
What release were you on?


Perms and ownership are:

owner ‘root’

group ‘pi’

Is that what you were after?


Yes, thanks in my system it i owner ‘pi’ group ‘pi’ - I wonder if it is the difference between an upgrade and flashing the complete image. I’m going to test this to see if I can find out why.


Ok, I did reproduce this ownership issue. It happens when you do the OTA (over the air) upgrade. If you download the image and flash an SD card (quicker time wise, but needs manual steps) the ownership problem does not occur.

I’ve brought this up with the Piper team.


Thanks Paul,

Was progress lost as part of the OTA upgrade as well? That certainly happened to us.

I also experience crash like symptoms when trying to exit to desktop, I can’t get there without ctrl C ing several times.

Look like I will download the image.


I beleive the progress loss is due to the ownership issue of the files. I’m going to experiment with that today.