Landing in Hogwarts/creative mode


My son is “flying” in Hogwarts when he pushes the button to jump. Now he can’t land and only goes higher and higher. Is there a way to land? I know that with the keyboard attached, you can hit “shift” and it will land. But I want him to be able to do it without using the keyboard.


if you plug in a usb keyboard, you can quickly press the space bar twice and that will shut off ‘flying’ and drop you to the ground. Let me see if you can do it without adding a keyboard


If you press the ‘jump’ button twice quickly, it can get you into ‘flying’ mode. Pressing it twice quickly will get you out of flying and you should drop to the ground.


Hi @hennessyc,

Did this work?

Thanks @Paul.



Your son is lucky. I’ve always wanted to go there