Is there more story mode?

My son completed story mode and loved it. He did the updates and was really looking forward to having more story mode options, but there was none. I know there are several posts about what to do next, but no one has explicitly answered if there are more options for story mode once complete? As for the “what’s next” what else can my son do relatively independently with piper?
Thanks in advance for your help!

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Currently, once you have finished the story line, that is the end of the story. There have been some updates in the past that have changed it a bit. Now that your son has experienced ‘getting his hands dirty’ with hacking, hopefully he will dig into the extra worlds and Pipercode and maybe try a hacking project of his own.

He can also go to the Raspberry Pi Foundatins web site and try one of the projects they have, or take a peek at Sonic Pi - making sound thru coding.

To help him along, take a look at issue 65 of the MagPI (you can download it for free) the ‘NEWBIES GUIDE, AND SOMETHING BRAND NEW!’.