Is there a way to modify the startup?


My son would like to try and change the startup video sequence with the robot/rocket display. Is this possible? Are there alternates available?


I like his moxie! does he have an idea of what he wants to do? There are currently no alternatives than the current video. Although, it is possible to skip it (1) just click the mouse scroll button or (2) he can edit the startup script.

But before he does it, I would suggest buying another micro SD card and an SD card reader and have him learn how to backup the SD card. That way, in case of some dumb error (yesterday I made a silly error and caused one of my devices go into a start up loop. And to make it worse, I did twice) He can recover from it.

Exit to the desktop from Piper. Click the raspberry icon and look in “Accessories”. There you will find 'SD Card Copier - just follow the directions.


I am interested as well by modifying the startup script.
Which one is to be modified? It doesn’t seem to be in /home/pi/.config/lxsession/LXDE-pi/autostart


How do you want to modify it? What do you want it to do?


Not sure what to answer about how (using vi?)

Next steps for my kids is to go from blocks to python using minecraft api in python.


@guillaumer - ahhh I see what you want to do. Might I suggest you get another SD card and load the latest Raspbian on it ( and then take a look at ‘Minecraft Essentials’ located here between issues 47 and 48.

Having two SD cards will leave the Piper one untouched incase they want to come back and play. Just power off the Pi, swap SD cards and they are off doing whichever they want.


I would prefer to keep only one SD card. I don’t see them switching between µSD.

I found where it is done.
I have just modified /home/pi/piper/game/boot_files/Piper2 commenting line after Run Piper
#Run Piper
sudo /usr/bin/python3 --intro


Hm. Chloe was asking the intro not to run on boot, so I commented that line out (shown above)

…now the intro doesn’t play on boot, but also, when I try to start Piper it doesn’t start!

Hm. I must be doing something wrong. I know enough tricks to be dangerous, but I’m not much of a shell script author.


This applies to version 2.4.1 and greater - as of this post the latest version is 2.4.4

@tikimojo If you want to prevent Piper on running at boot time, and allow it to run via the desktop icon do the following:

  1. reverse any edits you have already done
  2. in a terminal window enter:
    nano /home/pi/piper/PiperLauncher
    and place a pound sigh(#) at the begining of the last line so it reads:
    #sudo /usr/bin/python3 ~/piper/ --intro
    Press ctrl-x then 'y' then press ruturn/enter to save the file.

At this point, Pier will not start at boot but the desktop icon and menu icons will run it.


Hello tikimojo

I don’t have /home/pi/piper/PiperLauncher file.
On my side I manually launch, from a command line using:
sudo /usr/bin/python3 ~/piper/ --intro


What version of Piper do you have - From the main menu select the Gear icon (top left) and at the bottom left of the next window - in small font - you will see the version number


select the Gear icon
Do you mean the Run application?
I don’t see any version.
Do you have a command line instead?


Sorry, I should have been clearer - by main menu I meant the Piper main menu.


Should have understood that :wink:

I am under v2.4.1; And an upgrade is possible.


@guillaumer - I’d suggest upgrading to 2.4.4 since it corrected a numbers of bugs.


I have just upgraded to 2.4.4. No PiperLauncher file though.


Sorry about that, I was mistaken - I was looking at test version.

I’m in contact wiht the Piper developers and will update as soon as I have some information.


Here is how to prevent Piper launching at boot and still allow the desktop icon to work

  1. Open a terminal window and enter
    cd piper/game/boot_files

  2. rename the file Piper2 to Piper2m (‘m’ for manual)
    mv Piper2 Piper2m

  3. Next you will edit three files using the nano editor. Once the change has been made you will press ‘ctrl/x’ then ‘y’ and finally the ‘return’ or ‘enter’ key
    nano piperBoot.desktop
    on the last line change ‘Piper2’ to ‘Piper2m’ then press ‘ctrl/x’ then ‘y’ and finally the ‘return’ or ‘enter’ key

  4. change the second file
    nano piper.desktop
    on the fourth (4th) line change ‘Piper2’ to ‘Piper2m’ then press ‘ctrl/x’ then ‘y’ and finally the ‘return’ or ‘enter’ key

  5. change to the desktop and edit the last file
    cd /home/pi/Desktop
    nano piper.desktop
    on the fourth (4th) line change ‘Piper2’ to ‘Piper2m’ then press ‘ctrl/x’ then ‘y’ and finally the ‘return’ or ‘enter’ key

  6. now we have to comment out the last line in the launcher
    nano /home/pi/piper/PiperLauncher
    scroll down to the last line
    sudo /usr/bin/python3 ~/piper/ --intro
    and add a ‘#’ to the begining so it looks like
    #sudo /usr/bin/python3 ~/piper/ --intro
    save the file

  7. reboot the Pi

sudo reboot

At this point Piper will not start on boot and the desktop item will run the game.


Hi Paul,

I would like to achieve the same, ie stop automatically launching Piper app after boot.

We have version 2.4.4 and still no /home/pi/piper/PiperLauncher file exist which you suggest to modify in your step 6.
I renamed Piper2 to Piper2m and modified the three files accordingly (setp 2-5) but cannot modify the PiperLauncher file.
Could you please advise?


Let me check into this - it will probably be later today before I can give you an answer (I have to go back and test it again :smile:)