Is there a specific wire orientation?


Is there a certain orientation for the wires when you put them in the button. Our red wires touched together move the character forward. When we put these 2 wires in the button and push the button nothing happens.

Just put this together and would appreciate any advice.

Thank you


make sure the jumper is on the same line in the breadboard as the pin from the button. You can also try taking the button out and turning it around by 180 degrees so it uses the other legs of the button.

You could also test the button by taking the button out, then tough the two ends of the wire to the two button legs and pressing the button.


We are attaching red wire to #5 and #6 pins on bread board. Then we are putting the other ends in the button, we only see one place for the wired to be inserted. One of the 4 sides of the wire has a small space with some wire exposed, does it matter where this goes? Does the button need to be in the control box to work? Thanks for your help.


We tested the button, it works when we touch a wire to each side and press the button.


Okay, problem solved. We were inserting the wires into the buttons not the control panel. Seems to be working fine.


Great! My guess is that when you put it into the breadboard eithor one of the legs of the button didn’t get into a hole or when you put the wire in, it wasn’t in the correct line as the leg of the button.

Try this. remove the button and grab one of the small breadboards and plug the button on it. Next you can plug the wire in and see if it works. Watch the orentation of the plug. You could also move the button to the last button holder and try it there and/or try with the black button.

Let me know how you make out.


Thank you, our mistake was not understanding that the wire plugged in to the board, we were putting it directly into the plug.

The buttons are rather wobbly, should they be pushed in very far?


Gald we cleared that up. Yes the tops of the buttons are a little wobbly.


Thank you, I have one happy grandson!