Is powering directly from a USB charger feasible?


I want to be able to separately charge the battery while playing with the Piper. I use an Anker 10-port USB charger. Can I plug one port directly into the Piper’s USB female micro port, and another port via a USB extender into the USB cable the goes into the screen, to get unlimited playing time?


Hi @yenfamily, that isn’t recommended because it is not good for the battery health.


Tommy, thanks for the feedback. Are you saying that we shouldn’t let the battery pack stay plugged into the USB charger? That we can easily do.

However, I’m more interested in completely disconnecting the battery, then connecting power from the USB charger to the Piper’s board and the screen, similar to how I power my Raspberry Pi Zero when I’m developing on it. Is that feasible, or is the output from the battery somehow rectified to the Piper and screen that the USB charger cannot reproduce?


The battery is powering the screen directly. If you 2A wall wart and a Micro B USB 2-Way Y Splitter Cable, you should be able to power them both.


Hi @yenfamily,

Sorry I misunderstood your question! Yes, you can power the Pi or screen from the 10-port charger.