I have a problem help!


Help me please! Computer started asking login! I know my password bot i do not know my login! Help!!!


Take a deep breath and relax in the very worst case the SD card can be refreshed (a good skill to have) Try using the user ‘pi’ and the password ‘piper’ if that doesn’t work try ‘ri’ and ‘raspberry’.

  1. Does a box show up on the screen when you boot asking for the password?
  2. have you ever been able to login?
  3. How do you shutdown the Pi?
  4. does your Piper have a green ball speaker?

  1. yes
  2. no
  3. I pressed button off on the power bank
  4. ys


Ok, first off (not your fault it should be explained better) you should never power off the Pi by pulling the power - i.e. pressing the battery button. You should always use the main menu and tell it to power off the pi. If you don’t, you can corrupt your SD card. This is probably what haapened to you.

The good news is you now get to learn a new skill. You will need another computer and a micro SD card reader. Once you have tehm you can follow the steps located here

While it may seem daunting, that is because you have never done it before. I was nervious the first time I did it, but now I have my notes and I just start the process going and come back when it is done.