How to stop without losing progress?


Is there a way to end the story mode and go back to the main menu? Or do we simply power down to end the session? If power down, will our progress be lost?

Please advise. Thanks in advance!


I think if you are in a level in story mode, you must complete it before you can go back to the main menu.


Hi @King,

@baobei is correct in that once you start a story mode level, you must complete the level in order to unlock the next level (stopping mid-level will require the level to be replayed from the beginning). However, you can always access the HUD menu at anytime by pressing down the middle mouse button. The HUD menu will allow you to exit to main menu, access the mission log to view any chats you’ve missed and current objectives, change any options settings (e.g., volume, toggle subtitles, etc), take screen/video shots and access Power-Ups you can build in creative mode!

Cheers and best!

  • Jordan