How to smash the Crystal?


Hi Guys
Does anybody know how to smash the crystal in the castle. ?



Try looking up…That’s all I’ll say!


(and RIGHT-clicking the crystal once you find it… :relaxed:)


Do you know how to get into castle? We tried going around and under water but found no other way in.


Think for a moment, what did you learn to do in the begining of this level?


Well we learned we need to find the colossal TNT but we never found it - just a mini castle with tnt in it???

Rory Martin | CEO


Sorry I should have asked this first - What level are you in?


We’re at the one where you discover the sand structure with tnt then you walk to a wood bridge that crosses a moat to a gate we cant open - its about 3 in

Rory Martin | CEO


At the begining of that level you see a castle and there is a crafting table at the top. You will also see two Info boxes. The info box near rhe light blue blocks will tell you how to ignite the dynamite and then you need to find the creafting table and follow the instructions to be able to build your own TNT blocks