How to save the games without starting from the beginning every time


My six years old son starts using this computer. But each time he has to start from the beginning of the game but not where he left off. How to save the game without starting from the beginning every time that the user turns on the power?


Do you mean:

  1. He has to start from the first level every time he boots the Piper? or
  2. He loses progress in a level (but you don’t have to start from the beginning)?

If it’s #1 then there is something wrong with the Piper, if it’s #2 then that’s normal.



Make sure he shuts down the computer by going to the main menu and selecting the ‘shutdown’ icon at the top left. Then wait a minute before powering off the battery.

Never, never shut it down by powering off the battery as that could cause the SD card to be corrupted.

If he has done this, the Pi might not have saved the levels completed.

If he is in a level and wants to get out, have him press the mouse scroll button. That should cause a menubar to show at the top of the screen. On the left will be a yellow door. He can press that and follow the steps to get back to the main menu. Note, it will not save the level he was in, he will have to start that all over.