How to install Flash Player


We’re trying to access Scratch 2.0 and I think we’ve done all the updates. When we try to “create” online on Scratch 2.0, it says “missing plug-in”. When we go to the Adobe website and try to download Flash from there, it asks what operating system but Raspberry Pi isn’t listed. Any help would be appreciated!


Adobe Flash Player is not natively available in Raspbian, so version 2 is useless.

There is a Scratch mod called Whiskers which might be good enough for you.

Its still in development but looks to have great potential as a Scratch 2 lookalike for the Pi


Hmmm, looks like I spoke too soon, the develement ow wiskers seems to have been suspended, at least the website of the download has been suspended


Hi Paul,

We found one thread on this forum about using Scratch 2.0 on the Piper. This is the link to the instructions:

But we must be doing something wrong because we can’t get it to work.


It won’t work because it uses flash and as I understand it, flash is not compiled to run on the chip that the pi uses.

If you want more, just google ‘raspberry pi scratch 2’ and have a read


this may help


Thanks! :slight_smile:


Recently, I have also faced the similar issue on scratch file then one of my told me to read this blog, How to Unblock Adobe Flash Player, they have mentioned all the issue with heir solutions. I’m sure, you’ll get the solution of your issue.