How to get to main "desktop" screen? Stuck in a loop



We are new to Piper. My son and I assembled the computer and he would like to try doing the “Scratch” app, but we can’t seem to just get to the part of Piper where those apps live in the menu. We are stuck in between the main loading page (which gives the options of MInecraft story or Pipercode) and the welcome video loop. If I go to Pipercode, and then click exit, I see the desktop screen for a moment, but then the welcome video auto-plays and we are dumped back into the homescreen. This is very frustrating! We tried to click on the middle mouse wheel button but a menu never appears. Can you please help?



Scratch is not part of the Piper game, It is part of the packages installed on the Pi (and yes I realize that that was a bunch of nerd speak)

To get to scratch, you have to exit out of piper to the Desktop. On the main Piper menu on the top left, when you click the power icon, you will get three options
Exit to Desktop
Power off
(Doing this from memory so the order and exact terms may be different)
Select exit to desktop and he can check out all the other programs there are to run.

May I suggest you get another SD card and flash it witht the latest verson of Raspbian (the operating system) and then he could just switch SD cards and if he messes something up badly, it won’t effect Piper.

For more to do see this post Some ideas of what to do when you have finished all the levels
and here is the foundations YouTube channel with projects: