How to enable Bluetooth?


I found instructions on cnet but I can’t get past the first entry. ‘sudo: bluetoothctl: command not found’.


get into a terminal session and type

sudo apt-get install pi-bluetooth

and that should install teh software to run bluetooth


I’ve gotten past the first issue and tried everything but I’m getting ‘no default controller available’. Any ideas?


I did all these updates and followed every instruction known to man and I’m still getting “No default controller available”. After all these updates when the Pi boots up it has two instances of piper running. At this point I just want to revert back and use a normal wireless keyboard or wired. For whatever reason this board doesn’t seem to have a Bluetooth controller.


ok, you have a couple steps to follow to get bluetooth working. I just did it and was able to pair my Apple Bluetooth keyboard to the Pi and have it work.

In a terminal window enter the following

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade -y
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y
sudo rpi-update

NOTE: At one point you will be asked if you want to replace the autostart - You want to keep the original. This will take a long time (i.e.start it and go to the gym and work out) When it is all done, reboot the Pi.

Next enter

sudo apt-get install pi-bluetooth
sudo apt-get install bluez bluez-firmware
sudo apt-get install blueman

and reboot again. Now when you exit to the desktop, you should see a bluetooth icon at th top right. Use this to pair your devices. It should be noted that there is a chance that not all devices will work, but at least you can try yours now.


I have already done all of those steps. Every one. I even did them a second time. I do get the bluetooth icon but it is not detecting a bluetooth controller. Could I have a faulty board? This is a very recent Piper purchase and it has wifi on board.


did you usse the bluetooth manager to pair the devices?
what type of device is it?


Note: running dist-upgrade currently makes the game (versions 2.0.0-2.0.2) restart infinitely when you turn it off


Hi @saintsfanfl I’ve had difficulty connecting to certain bluetooth devices as well from the Pi 3. Do you have another bluetooth device you can try?