How to download other programs to the Piper Pi computer


Hi. My son and I are loving the Piper.

I was wondering how to download other programs for the Piper Pi computer, if that’s even possible. Like maybe the Pi version of scratch, or other small stuff. Is there enough memory? Can it be done from the desktop?


Actually several programs are already there. From the Piper main menu, select the power off button. Then you should see several choices (power off, reboot, exit to desktop) select ‘exit to desktop’. Then in the menu tab you can see all the programs you have available.

If he is into music try out SonicPi - google ‘rpi sonicpi’ - and for scratch, google ‘rpi scratch’ to gets lots of info.


You can get apps for the Pi by opening a terminal & typing “sudo apt-get” followed by the name of the app you want to get. For example: “sudo apt-get exagear” or “sudo apt-get iceweasel”. But before you get the app, type “sudo apt-get update”. Enjoy the new app!