HOW TO: download/install the Piper SD card image


I’d get a larger card. Unfortunately all 8GB sd cards are not the same size. I have several ranging from 7.91 up to 8.03 GB’s and all were bought at the same time from the same vendor.

My current card of choice is a Samsung MicroSDHC 16GB EVO Memory Card which I got directly off the Samsung site for $6.99.

7.9 GB just won’t fit on a 7.4 GB card. The Raspberry Pi foundation did release a program that will clone a running system to a attached SD card and if the running system has enough free space, it will copy it to a smaller card. Your problem is that you don’t have a running system…



got an email that piper has an update:

LATEST VERSION (ver2.0.2, 02/03/2017):

Do we have to reflash the sd card with it (and play all the levels again)
or is it possible to update an 1.0.6 to 2.0.2 (and how, just click on update in piper didn’t do the trick)?
(perhaps taking a keyboard and apt-get …, I would even try to dit /etc/apt/source.list entries if that help :slight_smile:

Either way is ok, it would be helpfull if these little instruction were in the update post.



No you don’t have to reflash the SD card.

Start up Piper and at the top left you will see ‘Update’ click o it for the update.


It seems the challenges with downloading the 2.0.2 images persist (dropbox fails, curl doesn’t seem to work either).

Is there an updated repository or place to get these?


I’m having no problem downloading it. from dropbox