HOW TO: download/install the Piper SD card image


I’d get a larger card. Unfortunately all 8GB sd cards are not the same size. I have several ranging from 7.91 up to 8.03 GB’s and all were bought at the same time from the same vendor.

My current card of choice is a Samsung MicroSDHC 16GB EVO Memory Card which I got directly off the Samsung site for $6.99.

7.9 GB just won’t fit on a 7.4 GB card. The Raspberry Pi foundation did release a program that will clone a running system to a attached SD card and if the running system has enough free space, it will copy it to a smaller card. Your problem is that you don’t have a running system…



got an email that piper has an update:

LATEST VERSION (ver2.0.2, 02/03/2017):

Do we have to reflash the sd card with it (and play all the levels again)
or is it possible to update an 1.0.6 to 2.0.2 (and how, just click on update in piper didn’t do the trick)?
(perhaps taking a keyboard and apt-get …, I would even try to dit /etc/apt/source.list entries if that help :slight_smile:

Either way is ok, it would be helpfull if these little instruction were in the update post.



No you don’t have to reflash the SD card.

Start up Piper and at the top left you will see ‘Update’ click o it for the update.


It seems the challenges with downloading the 2.0.2 images persist (dropbox fails, curl doesn’t seem to work either).

Is there an updated repository or place to get these?


I’m having no problem downloading it. from dropbox


I’m attempting to download the image via the links above and am getting very slow download speeds from dropbox. Has any thought been given to mirroring these to S3 or something with more reasonable download speeds? Right now I’m looking at about 6 hours to download the image; I have pretty good internet speed and typically get much better download speeds than that (GTA V is about 70GB and it didn’t take me 6 hours to download it from Steam).


I’ve been attempting to download the 8gb gzip file since my original posting and now am getting a 429 error from Dropbox. I’m not sure hosting large files with them is such a good idea when so many alternatives exist.


I notified the Piper guys and they are looking into this right now.


The 8gb compressed 2.1.0 version linked on the forum.


Piper guys are looking at it and I asked them to update theis thread when it is fixed - and , for what it is worth, it’s all images :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Piper it seems there are regular problems downloading the images from DropBox. Can you put them elsewhere as well?

To the community: Is there a specific time of the day (late night US time, early morning US time, middle of the work day US time, etc.) when you will more likely be able to download the image?


Is there anyone who has the full 16GB image and would be willing to share it privately?


The link above for the 8GB compressed worked perfectly now that it has been updated. Downloaded the entire 4GB in just a few minutes. Etched the SD and now Piper is good to go again! Thanks :slight_smile:


Any chance Piper could mirror the images somewhere else that isn’t Dropbox? Dropbox throttles the download speed IME, so a download that should be reasonably quick is taking forever. Maybe this is just an error on my end, but typically my download speeds are much higher and 3.3gb shouldn’t take half an hour to download. (To test this, I downloaded a similarly sized file from a different server and it took only a few minutes.)

Also seconding the call for file hashes to verify the images.


Any chance Piper could mirror the images somewhere else that isn’t Dropbox?

I believe that they are working on that along with the newest release. I did a QA on it and found some issues they are working on clearing up.


There is new 2.4.1


If you experience that the downloaded SD card image is too large for your SD card then please read this.

One day I experienced problems with the SD-card shipped with the Piper kit.

However I had another 8GB micro SD card in the drawer, so I downloaded the 8GB SD card image and started to flash using etcher.

However the flash utility (etcher) could not flash as the SD card image could not fit on the 8GB SD card I had.
I figured out (using sudo fdisk -l /dev/mmcblk0) that my 8GB SD card had a capacity on 7948206080 bytes. and the 8GB SD card image had a size on 7985954816 bytes which is the same size of the original piper SD card, but slightly more than the SD card I had in the drawer.

Apparently all 8GB SD cards do not have the same size. So to use the 8Gb SD card I had in the drawer I had to

  1. resize (shrink) the size of the ext4 file system
  2. resize (shrink) the size of the partition holding the ext4 file system
  3. resize (shrink) the size of the SD card image

It went like this:

$ gunzip piper-v2.4.1_8GB.img.gz
$ sudo losetup /dev/loop17 piper-v2.4.1_8GB.img
$ sudo partprobe /dev/loop17
$ sudo e2fsck -f /dev/loop17p2
$ sudo resize2fs -f -p /dev/loop17p2 15400960s
# Use `fdisk /dev/loop17` to delete the old partition, create a new partition starting at the same sector, but smaller in size
$ sudo partprobe /dev/loop17
$ sudo losetup -d /dev/loop17
$ dd if=piper-v2.4.1_8GB.img of=piper-v2.4.1_8GB_small.img count=15523840
$ gzip piper-v2.4.1_8GB_small.img

That solved the problem and I could then flash the image to my SD card and boot piper again.



There is a new version of Piper 2.4.4 which is a bug fix. See