How to charge the speaker?



Sorry for the newbie question, but how is the speaker supposed to be charged? The cable for the power bank doesn’t fit the speaker. And we do not find any other cable in the box that fit in the speaker.

Rant: why are there so many different USB connectors!




I know exactly how you feel. There are apple micro usb chargers and normal ones. I cant remember the type the speaker takes. Dig around your house and test out different plugs If you really cant find it, just go to the nearest wallmart or phone store and get one for like 7.00$ Your choice?



sentence error. If you really cant find one, then just go to the nearest wallmart or phone store and buy one for like 7.00$


Does a “speaker charging cable” come with the Piper?


No, they did not supply the cable for that. I am also one of those people sick to death of all the cables. I purchased a brand new macbook pro yesterday and was forced to buy 5 different adapters to deal with all the cables. Apple didn’t even supply a cable with their brand new phones that will plug into their brand new computer!! But they don’t mind selling me a bunch of cables to carry around.

Sorry for the rant, but it appears we’re all in for more cable woes. I don’t know why Piper didn’t choose a speaker that 1) had a longer plug on it and 2) used a micro usb so you could use one of the other cables to charge it. So you’ll need to go to the store and purchase a cable if you don’t have one.




I hear ya. I don’t blame Piper for getting it quite right as they’re scrappy Kickstarter, but Apple may have pushed their hubris a bit too far.


I bought two pipers recently and both of mine came with a cable to charge the speakers.


That is strange, I just bought my 2 weeks before Christmas and mine didn’t but maybe they have corrected that already. Not really a huge deal for me as I am already drowning in cables.


It’s no big deal. I totally support that rant. There are so many USB cables out there!



To clarify: are our pipers supposed to come with the cord to charge the speaker, or not? Dec. '16 version…


Mine did not and they don’t show an extra cable in their bill of materials so I would say it does not.



Hi Everyone,

To provide some clarity around the cable debate, some Pipers will have the speaker charging cable but many that arrived Dec 16 will not have the cable. If you do not have a USB - USB mini cable then please let me know and we will order one for you. As a reference here is what the cable looks like.


A look to what’s ahead: The speaker will be using a micro USB charging port so the shortest green cord can charge everything.


I ended up finding a USB charger (from an old Nexus 7) and both a A-to-Micro-B and A-to-Mini-B cable, but it took a bit of scrounging, and I wasn’t expecting to have to go hunting for cables with the battery clock ticking.

If possible, please advertise somewhere what USB charging cables you expect people to have. I’m sure most people have one around somewhere, but some advance warning would be good.


We need a charging cable for the speaker. If you could send one, it would be much appreciated.


send an email to


Send me an email with your address and I will send out!



We did not get a charging cable.


Please send me an email with your address and I will send a cable.