How to charge the battery pack?


First of all: the Piper is very cool and well worth the wait. My son when right to work on it, and I saw a side of him I’ve never seen before. It’s been the best gift we’ve ever given him.

How do you charge the battery? I’m just plugging the pack into our wall charger, and I’ve also tried using an iPad charger (both using the green cable that powers the Pi, but reversed). Neither seems to be working. Is there an ideal way to charge it? How long should it take, and how long should a charge last? Do I need to press the power button, or not press it in order to charge (as the 9-year-old and I are in disagreement about this:).

Many thanks!
Mike (and Calvin)


Mike, I can’t say for certain if there are any special requirements. I used a standard USB charger to charge mine and did not push the power button during the charge cycle. I will say I have a charger capable of 2.4 amps I don’t know what the battery requires my charger does adjust to low power if the plugged in device will not accept the higher charge rate. I placed it on the charger over night and it was fully charged, if yours isn’t charging in that time you might verify the amperage of the charger being used if its 2 amps or better I would suspect there may be a problem in the battery itself.


The charging plug for the battery pack is a micro USB plug. you can’t charge it using the rectangular USB plug in. Any USB cable or charger that has a micro USB end (techinically a male micro-B USB, should work fine.

I’m going to try substituting a powered USB hub for the battery pack for home use, hopefully the ones I have laying around will output enough to work, but it looks like each USB just needs 2.4/2.5V.


Any idea what the lights should be doing during charging, or what they might indicate? Charging progress, I assume…


I hope ours is charging. I thought maybe a light would come on to indicate a charge. I unplugged it from the box and plugged it in by itself. When I unplug it from the wall the light goes off, when I plug it back in the light comes on. So hopefully that means it is charging.


@aggraves @bloombaber

Each of the 4 lights on the battery pack represent the current charge level.

For example,

  1. one light on = 25% charged
  2. two lights on = 50% charged
  3. three lights on = 75% charged
  4. all four lights on = 100% charged

A blinking light while charging, indicates the current charge level based on the above. For example, the 4th light blinking indicates the power pack is charging the final 25% (and is at least 75% charged).



when I plug the battery pack in to charge no lights come on to indicate it is charging.

How do I know when it is charging, and when it is finished charging?

I have tried a different charging cable with no change.

edit: after about 5 minutes the light started flashing. maybe it was really low.



Sounds like it was really low. Keep it plugged in and the lights should come on one at a time till all four are on.