How to buy parts?


It’s nice to have these blog posts:

But… these posts do not include any information on how or where someone would order the parts to make the project.

Ok, buy a motor, or two motors. What kind of motor? Where does one buy these things? How does one know what to order?

Keep in mind that we’re not all Electrical Engineers with a cabinet full of components waiting to be used.

Clues please?



Good Point, I’ll pass that on. And I know how you feel. When I was first playing with the Pi, I felt the same way! I had no idea what was what or where to get things, but over time, I’ve learned (a little :grin:)

I did check some of the other projects and see they do point to where you can get part(s)

As for the motor - you want a motor, not a servo and this is the type you want
You can also find them on Amazon and if you don’t mind waiting 30-60 days, you can get them cheaper via



There are also plenty of local stores that sell you these kind of products. For example, in France in my town, I have a small store that sells electronic components, and that is very happy to advice customers (especially when it is a child that asks :slight_smile: )

They also often have very good ideas to work on.