How do I speed the computer up?


Now that I’ve finished story mode, I went out to surf the web but discovered that the computer is really slow. How can I make it better?


The Pi will only run so fast. You can’t speed it up. It runs on a low power chip which is why it is so inexpensive relative to high end gaming machines.

The other problem is that so many websites are stuffed with so many ad’s even my desktop feels slow sometimes.

That said, there is so much you can so with it. I have one that is connected to a PIR (Passive InfraRed) sensor and a servo motor and some Led’s all stuffed inside a skelleton’s head with a 1/4 jack from the audio out to a amplified speaker. The servo motors move the jaw and the LED’s are in the eyes. When someone walks by, the LED are lit (the eyes) and the jaw starts moving and it starts to growl at them. After a few moments, it goes back to sleep.


Are there any any aftermarket add-ons that I can plug in? It is a build your own computer after all and a bit deceptive advertising if there’s no way to add DIY fixes


I don’t see how it is deceptive marketing. Did you build the case to hold your computer? Did you add a monitor?

there are oodles of add ons you can use with the Pi - do a google search of ‘rpi hats’ and see what you come up with. lots of ways to expand, you can even add a SSD hard drive!