How do I open a command window?


Running version 20.2

I am unable to connect to wifi, and all the support threads here require a command window. I can’t find the command window.

I was able to navigate to a command window before my latest update (though always accidentally, never purposefully…so don’t trust me on this skill!). Now however I’m on the screen with the robot guy, two options “PLAY” and “PIPER UNIVERSE” and options at the top
-question mark (can’t access this without wifi)
-settings (nothing about getting to a command line from here
-wifi (X’d out)

The only other option is 'UPDATE" which just tells me I am up to date (if connected via ethernet).

How do I find the interface that looks more like a typical computer and get out of the game function?


Never mind - figured out the command window part. Now off to see if I can get wifi working.

BTW - Is there a way to delete threads? Feeling a bit foolish now.


@staryla Definitely don’t feel that way and let us know if you are unable to get the Wifi working.

For anyone who was not able to open a terminal window:

  1. Select power from the top right of the Piper GUI
  2. Then select exit to desktop
  3. From the desktop screen, open a terminal window by clicking the small black screen in the top menu bar