How do I know if I have a 2016/2015 or a 2017/2018 Piper?


I just got a Piper that was sold as a 2016 piper, but I’m wondering if it’s the newer Piper. It says on the box that it’s batch 0917-01 and made on 09-2017. It looks like the box under the cover is white when I thought the 2016 box was brown. I’ve not opened it yet and it really doesn’t matter because we’ll have fun with it no matter what. I am curious with what I have. I have three questions:

  1. How do I know if I have a 2016 Piper or a 2018 Piper?

  2. What exactly is the difference between a 2016 Piper and a 2018 Piper?

  3. Is the 2016 piper or the 2018 Piper better than the other? Reading the specs, I don’t see a difference except for the 8GB card with the older Piper.


The are a few differences with the 2016 and the 2018 Piper Kit.

The 2018 Edition contains new software and game updates, including:

  • Piper’s PiperCode technology that enables children to learn to code and advance their skills by programming physical devices -11 new hands-on coding projects ranging from making LED’s blink to circuit design and interactive games

  • Bot Builder, a new app to customize the look and feel of Piperbot’s skin

  • Hours of activities in Creative Mode, discovering unique power ups along the way that unleashes creativity like casting a rainbow, turning water into ice, and exploding TNT, etc.

The 2018 Edition also contains more recent versions of certain components and comes standard with a 16gb software card that allows for greater ease with software updates.

The 2016 kit can can be updated to match the 2018 edition; the process can take up to several hours however.


I also purchased a 2016 model… where do I find the updates to make a 2016 a 2018?


You just need to flash the SD card. Check this link for directions: