How do I change the language of subtitles?

Hi Piper Community,

We’re new to Piper, our order was placed yesterday, and we’re very excited to get Piper in the next days.
We’re French and our 10yo geek does not speak English yet.
I saw the subtitles were translated into French (Thanks !)
Is there anything special we need to do to get these ? Or is part of the videos already ?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Tintin, any update on languages? France? Subtitles? As you can see I’m French too, and I wonder if I could use Piper in my tinkerspace with non-English-speaking kids.
I’ve ordered one to test it, but in the meantime it would be nice to know if Piper company is doing something to extend its reach to foreign educational markets…

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Hi @jeUX_sais_FAIRE,

You asked this question at a great time! French translations will be in our next big update (due out very soon…perhaps even as soon as today)!


  • Jordan

Thanks Jordan for your lightning fast response!

That’s a great news !

I guess the blueprint and the instructions manual will follow… but maybe not soon enough that I would receive the French printed version in my parcel…
Will you make them accessible/downlable on-line ?

My son is gonna be thrilled to try Piper out before the kids at the makerspace, right out of the box !

Keep up…

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+1 interested in French subs, expecting my Piper in the coming days.

Anything special to do with Piper to get French subs ?
Do I need to add subs files onto the SD or anything like that ?

Printable versions of translated blueprints would definitely be a plus :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot

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Hi @zozoloizo,

French translations are available for Story Mode in the latest release/update ver2.2.0. You can select the French language option from the options menu found on the Main Menu. Translated blueprints are not currently available unfortunately, but we’re working on it!


  • Jordan
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Hi Jordan,
I see this post is from Dec 2017, has the whole thing been translated to French yet? I want to buy for my nephew but he doesn’t speak English.

Hi Max,

Story Mode has been translated to French. To change to French, you just have to go to the Options Menu (this can be accessed by the Cog button on the Main Menu), select French from the Drop Down menu, and select the Save button. That will update the UI to reflect French.

PiperCode is not available in French at the moment unfortunately.