How can we just play the game, "Minecraft"?


Piper is the first experience my son or I have had with the game of Minecraft. Is there a way to just play Minecraft and collect things and gain points etc…? We’ve been through the story mode and learned a ton. But are wondering what’s next? I’m reading the Educators section looking for more challenges, but in the mean time my son is just wanting to play the game and dig dig dig and build etc…?
Thank you.


From the Piper main menu,

  1. press the red power off button (top right of screen)
  2. selecr 'Exit to Desktop
  3. click the ‘Menu’ tab and navigate to ‘Games’ then ‘Minecraft Pi’
  4. start playing!


Thanks. Can we also play in the levels we build?


You should be able to build all sorts of levels in Minecraft Pi. As a matter of face, you can do some coding to help you build things. Here is a link to start you programmingI You can code a program that will allow you to teleport in MinecraftII


HI, @Paul and @Marvin

is there a way to play minecraft 1.8
i would like to know thanks



While you can get a later version running on the Pi (google ‘minecraft raspberry pi’) but there are limitations - no mobs. The Pi just doesn’t have the horsepower to handle the full game.


alright thank’s :slight_smile: @Paul


Hi @roarac,

If you update to our latest version (v2.2.0) then you’ll be able to play on our massive online multiplayer server (PiperNet-beta) where you’ll find (and interact with) other players, mobs and a complete crafting system!




thanks @jordan

good to know