How about a hardware screen upgrade option?


Hi there, my son is loving his Piper. However, no doubt like all savvy kids that keep up with the latest news, he has of course seen the improved specs of your Piper 2.

I wonder if you guys might consider offering a hardware upgrade to Piper 1 users that offers a new front panel with the bigger screen (etc.)? You could tout it as an educational/engineering upgrade for the kiddies to get stuck into…



That’s a great idea and I’m going to pass it on! However it’s complicated…

I have both, so I took the top off both and attempted to swap them. Because the frames are different, the hinges don’t match…sigh so you would need to get a whole new box.

Hmmm as i type this I wonder if they could design a new ‘conversion’ back plate for the screen so the hinge holes match the piper 1’s hinge holes…

I’ll bre sending this idea to Piper as soon as I hit ‘Reply’ on this post.


Why does it need to be so complicated? I wasn’t suggesting replacing whole top box… Surely you could just swap out/in the one flat panel within the lid assembly that the screen mounts in? No need to be faffing about with hinges or anything else.


Like I said, the frames are different - ie the top plate edges are different in Piper2 than Piper1 - The only way the Piper2 top plate woutd fit is if you were up to sawing off/enlarging some of the edges.

But you have given me an idea, that instead of doing the whole top, maybe they could change the Piper2 top to fit the Piper1 - I’ll forward that idea!


That’s what I’m saying; a sensible (i.e. affordable) solution here would require a redesigned replacement front panel that fits into the Piper 1 lid, but has Piper 2 sized holes/mounts for the screen/speaker etc. No other parts of the ‘lid’ need to change.