Help saving world?

How do I save my the world on the create your own world?

Try this, when creating a brand new world:
first create the new world,
exit the world (middle mouse --> “main menu”) and
then re-enter the world.

This should perform the initial save and make subsequent saves reliable.

Thank you Paul-

Do I need a keyboard? We are using just the Piper’s controls and I’ve tried this and I don’t think it works. Could I be doing something else differently? Thank you, Scott.

What version of Piper are you using? From the main menu, select the GEAR icon and at the bottom left in tiny font you will see the version number

After you exit the world and want to go in again, scroll down the page and see if you have a “World 1” there. that should be you’re world you were working on. If you create another world, it will be “World 2” etc.

There is a way of renaming them but you will need a keyboard and have to open a terminal window to make the change.