HELP my computer is updating and it stopped at 42

My piper computer kit was updating and the percentage stopped at 42%… Please help if possible!

I’m trying to post a photo of it but I can’t…

Do you know what size SD card you have?

From what I know I changed the SD card for a 32 GB SD card I think for that one update that I think added skin editing

Ok nvm, the computer kit didnt update but it restarted, I’ll need to update it when I have more space. Free space is 6.3 GiB, total is 14.2 GiB

Try this:

  • make sure the battery is fully charged or use a wall charger to power the pi and screen

  • boot the computer and exit our of Piper to the desktop

  • open a terminal window

  • run the following repair script:

    source <(curl -L

    note: this will take a bit of time

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