Help getting Treasure chest

Hi- my daughter is getting very frustrated with the treasure chest that she can see from above but cannot get to. Was hoping someone might have some tips on what she is doing wrong?

Which world is she in? When you say she can see it from above would you elaborate? Is she flying??

Is she in story mode or creative mode?

She is in story mode I believe and she’s walking on a platform and it looks like it is blinking below her but she can’t get there.

Ask her what level she is in (I think the answer is Treasure Island) - Ohh ask her if she was making the LED and is stuck in that section.

What happens is the kids make their way to a place where there is an instruction box which has them build an LED which will blink. Once it is build, she should be put back into the game and as she walks it will blink faster as she gets nearer to where she should go and slower if she goes away.

If she is stuck in the breadboard, click the center button on the mouse and a menu should show up at the top with an exit door. She can exit the level and tr again. It should work if she follows all the directions.

Please let me know how she gets on. I’ll be keeping a close eye on the forum for the next couple hours.

Hi! Thanks for all your responses. She built the LED and it does blink faster when she’s over the treasure box, it looks like she up on a top platform and the treasure box is below her on a lower one but she can’t figure out how to get down to it.

ha ha ha by this time she should be mad enough to start smashing the ground ( hint hint)

She says “with what” she’s tried

Has she tried using using the wrench?

Yes she has tried to smash everything on the platform with the wrench but it doesn’t do anything and then there is a sign on the platform that says “jump to exit” and when she does it drops her back to the start of that level.

When she gets to the tower with the flashing led, she should see a red X on the ground. If she makes sure she is holding the wrench (the scroll weel will switch between inventory items) and right clicks, it should dig into the ground and she will find a box. Right click and she will get the golden wrench and be able to exit the level.

We have dug with the wrench every single block of the platform above the blinking X (grey and green/grass blocks alike…). We have tried double press on the jump button [to get off flight mode]. Nothing happens. it’s quite frustrating

Allright got it! the key is not burried on the platform it is burried on the island. I don’t even remember how I even ended up flying from the top of the lava field to the platform but I sure remember digging on the platform like crazy. IT IS NOT THERE. IT IS ON THE GROUND below

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