Hello to Kids Who Love Stem!- From Hari


Hi Kids Who Love Stem!

My name is Hari Bhimaraju, I’m twelve years old, and I’m an upcoming eighth grader in Kennedy Middle School. I live in Cupertino, California. I’m sure each of you will have a different first two sentences. You will definitely have a different name and may have a different age, school, and city as well. But one thing makes us all similar. We all LOVE STEM!!! I am creating this blog so that kids who love STEM all around the world will have a platform to share and learn!

STEM is a part of all our lives and we experience it everywhere. I’ve always been fascinated to explore the world around us and this evolved into my STEM journey!

In 2015, I made a low-cost, animated tool to teach about the Periodic Table for the visually impaired. An app version (The Elementor) is also available in AppStore. In 2016, I created a medicine management system for the elderly and visually impaired that reads out all the medicine details including dosage and expiration dates, provides automatic refills, medicine logs and medicine reminders. I was a first place technology winner in Broadcom MASTERS 2015, a national winner in ProjectCSGirls 2016, have been to the White House, had the honor of meeting President Obama, met the amazing team at Piper and have been having all these wonderful opportunities all because of one reason- I LOVE STEM!

These days, as a kid in STEM, you are practically unstoppable! Try to make your own inventions, solve problems, and keep trying for every opportunity you get. In this blog, feel free to post about your problems, share your ideas, and ask help from other KWLS!

I hope to hear from you soon!
Hari :smiley:


Wow!!! I’m so excited!! It’s so cool that there is actually a blog for kids who love STEMS! I love science, and I love to build cool things on my own. In my school science fair, I did a project on defying gravity. I could post that on the blog!


Hi, My name is Yash and I am 9 years old. I love Maths, Science and Cooking !!!

I had met a Blind Person named Macie around 2 weeks back. It was a nice experience meeting Macie. When I first met her I never knew a blind person can be so much tech savvy. I was amazed to see her testing a lot of sensors.

I had put together a flame sensor connected to raspberry pi. The sensor can detect fire and warn people when they are near the flame. I am attaching the circuit diagram showing the flame sensor connecting to the breadboard. Macie had tried it out. I was very happy to meet her.


Hey @YashGupta,

I can’t make out the photo. Any chance you can edit the post with another picture? What an awesome project and great way to protect visually impaired people from fire.



Cool projects everybody. I’m going to be a eleventh grader next year at college prep. Currently, I am interning at Piper, which has been an awesome experience. At school, I enjoy math at school because of all of the useful applications to the real world. For example, I am taking a java course at Cal this summer, and I have to use a lot math when making programs!