HDMI compatibility with other Devices


My Piper computer is up and running (Yeah!) but when I try to use an HDMI screen other than the the Piper screen the Pi goes into perpetual bootup mode where it scrolls all the startup text, then pauses and goes back to red blinky where it starts all over again.

Do I have to have my other monitor set to a particular resolution or is there something else that I am missing? I know others have done this. This is a big issue because I planned to put the output to a Smartboard for the whole class to see.

  1. If you plug it into a different monitor do you get the same results?

  2. If you plug in the Piper screen does it still boot properly?

  3. How do you shutdown the Pi?

The reason I ask is that I have no problem connecting the Pi to an HDMI port on a monitor and if you just kill the battery to shutdown, you might have corrupted the SD card.

If it won’t startup connected to another monitor or the Piper monitor then the SD card has been corrupted

If it will start up connected to another monitor and the Piper screen than it has something to do with the smartboard (if that is the device that results in the constant reboot)

If it won’t starts up when connected to the thirs monitor but will when connected to the Piper screen then I’m not sure what the heck is happening, but run the tests first and let’s see what the answers are.


As mentioned in the original post, the Piper boots fine when it’s connected to the Piper screen. I am yet to get it to boot without going to in blinky-red death mode when it’s connected to another monitor. It doesn’t make a difference how I shut down the Pi.

I have discovered a partial workaround though. If I boot it to the Piper screen I can then swap out monitors and the external monitor seems to work fine. Or least in three of the four other monitors I tried worked.


I wasn’t sure if you had gone back to the pi to boot again. Also, NEVER SHUTOFF THE BATTERY without going thru the poweroff option or you could corrupt the SD card.

Try this solution: http://blog.mivia.dk/solved-hdmi-working-raspberry-pi


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