Hardware support questions for the Piper toolbox


If you have any questions or issues with the hardware of the Piper toolbox, this is where you should post!


So ok… Now my son and hubs don’t know how to install the buttons on the thing? is anything explained as a part of the game? there are no other instructions other than the blueprints in our stuff, is that supposed to be? Is there a tutorial somewhere?

Thanks, we’re confused! :stuck_out_tongue:


Nevermind! my kids figured it out after starting the game! :smiley: they are playing and having fun!


Hi friends. Loving the process of assembling our Piper! Unfortunately, ours shipped without an SD card. Can you let me know how to go about having one shipped?


Hi, we will be sending out new cards for folks who are missing them in the beginning of January. Apologies for the missing components. I know it must be really annoying to be missing such an important piece. We posted a link to the SD card image if you have a microSD card of your own and want to burt the image to get started. You can find it in one of the previous threads.

Thank you,



I have a question about the Pi Base. My son put this together before I could help him, but it appears that he has it together correctly. My question is why are only 4 screws supplied for this, while the ends keep falling off? If you slightly move the Pi Base out of the footholes in the base plate then the acrylic leg sides fall off. Should there not be something to keep the legs on? Not critical, just annoying.



Thanks for reaching out and I’m sure your son put it together perfectly. Turns out that the acrylic legs were supposed to have arrived superglued to the main base plate in combination with a snug fit. Some of our cases arrived with very little glue support and/or lacking a snug fit. A dab of super glue should work just fine.



The good news first. What a great product for my son and I to work together. We needed two nights to construct the wooden box, working in short shifts. My nine year old and I discussed what Minecraft would look like and what other things we could build. My son screwed every screw, nut, and fitted all the wooden pieces together. However, I did have to perform some very light sanding to smooth out some of the edges of the wooden items.

Now for our challenges. We had three issues with our Piper.

The first was connecting the GREEN HDMI cable to the screen. Our solution was to take the wooden frame off the screen and using a file, extract a section of wood the size of the cable plug. Not a show stopper, but unexpected.

The second was our screen flashing between black and blue/white. We are lucky to have another PI and monitor. I connected my secondary monitor (using a new HDMI cable), and everything looks fine. My son played for about two hours tonight and had a great experience. I would consider this a show stopper. I still need to understand if its the cable or the screen.

The last was the ability to close the box. I told my son that we need to apply a little “maker” solution to our project. He is still learning what that means. The wooden leg, that represents the straight arm hinge, is too long and will not the Piper box close. This is NOT a show stopper, but would be nice to fix.

Overall, my son is very happy. Your attention to detail on the box really caught his eye. I just need to get the screen working and Papa will be a happy camper.


Here is the picture of the side hinge.


could you show a picture of the back of the bok and the inside where the hinges are?



The inside nuts are flush with the back of the case (ie. I don’t have an edge sticking up into the top lid). I removed all the innards, and the box closed a bit more. I think the HDMI cable was binding on something.

However, this is the picture of the back of the box. You can see the back top wants to separate from the back edge. Using a round file, I did add a bit more track to the right side arm cut out. I think I only added about 1/16 of an inch. Without the above mentioned cable issue, the lid closes more than our first photo.

thoughts? I can take out the arms and put them on a grid if that helps?



Hmmm…now that I look at mine I have that same bow where the top meets the back.

It could be the HDMI cable inside the back, it was a tight fit and some people have made a cut in the wood. See this and this


YEAH!!! Success…

Solution: Loosen the screws on the hinges (all eight), realign the top, tighten, and mo-better.

The box still has a slight bend on the back edge on the lid, but not as bad as before. The lid now correctly opens and fully closes.

Debugging steps:

  1. empty guts of the box to ensure not binding, didn’t solve it.
  2. disconnect screws on the support arms on both right/left side, didn’t solve
  3. Close lid and look for binding on the box. I saw daylight, so no binds.
  4. worked the hinges and screws, mo-better.

Thank you Paul and Tommy (from Piper Support) for acting as a sounding board.



Our box was bound up along the back edge but not near as bad as yours.

I loosened the hinge screws a bit and placed two Pokemon trading cards (don’t tell Alex!) between the upper and lower sections of the back, closed the lid and tightened the screws. That leaves a gap along the 2 parts, letting the lid close fully without bowing at the top.



We just got our piper kit today. Missing motion sensor. Do we need one?


you don’t need one to play the Piper game, but send an email to tommy@playpiper.com and let him know it is missing.


Thanks, Paul


I think I have an issue with the part labeled 4C in my piper kit. It seems the tabs don’t quite line up.!
In the first picture, you can see the tabs for 4B and 4D seem to line up just fine.
But the other two pictures show parts 4C and 4B (one is zoomed in for a better view) have tabs that don’t line up even though the slots along the bottom, that tab into part 4A all line up.

Also, the bottom edges of 4C and 4D don’t line up. So I think something is wrong with 4C.

Can anyone see if I am doing something wrong?


EDIT I just saw the message that new users can only upload one image. So this is the image of 4B and 4C.


Hi @jperch,

Sorry to hear! Please send an email to tommy@playpiper.com with your shipping address and parts requirement list. I would list BOTH 4B and 4C just to make sure the other end of part 4B isn’t slightly off (i.e., we’ll just replace both panels for you).


  • Jordan


Thank you very much. I have sent the email to Tommy. However, I don’t think it will be necessary to replace both 4B and 4C. I have assembled the box completely except for the 4C part. Everything fits together beautifully expect for the 4C part.

Thanks again for your help,



I hope I am not bothering you. I sent the email to Tommy about 4 days ago. But I haven’t even had a response yet. Is this normal? I am not in a big hurry. I am just curious if I should have heard something yet or not.