Hardware schematics


Where can i find the hardware schematics?

If you search the forum you’ll find a thread with the inventory of the hardware

I have found this

But unfortunately no hardware schematics

I know there is this " blueprint "

Still I am looking for design files so i can cut it with my laser cutter

I agree, these files should be available as it was stated they would be.

Is there any news yet on this subject?

Any news on this subjecf anyone?

it is supposed to be open source…

HI @Joost,

We are not releasing the hardware schematics and design files currently.

Thank you for your interest!


Thanks for the answer! (Finally :stuck_out_tongue:)

That means that the open source statement on this site, is not valid and misleading:

“Moreover, we’ve built the Piper end-to-end open source, from the design of the box to the code of the game.”

At this time, that is correct. If you are interested in laser-cutting your own computer kit we are happy to work with you one on one at our office.


Thanks for the invitation.

But that is exactly the issue…
I already own a lasercutter, and, minor detail, I live in the Netherlands.

Because of high shipping costs, or a plane ticket to san francisco, it would be nice to cut it myself.