Got the piper.. now what


I must admit that I dont play minecraft - so dont know what it does… Which means I cant answer some of the questions that get asked on why a screen behaves in a certain fashion or why cant i save the game and need to start from the ground floor everytime. Is there a ‘parental cheatsheet’ or a storyboard that explains what we are doing.

Jr worked out that the yellow button would possibly be 2 leads after the blue. he did that before the story told him to do it. However later, he tried the same logic on trying to use the Black button, but it did not work. I know the piper is all about experimental learning, but it gave me a mini heart attack as I did not want him to short a few leads and then we need a new Pi. Is there an end state circuit diagram or a reference to the leads connectivity.

I have a feeling I might get one for myself :star_struck:


When you finish level, the game should be saved so you can start at the next level. Is this not the case for you?

The story unfolds as you are going thru it. As you go along, there will be crafting tables to instruct you on the new thing you need to build to complete that level.

I’ll send a note to the developers to see if they have a ‘cheat sheet’ for you.


Hi @LavaSmash,

We’re happy to hear you’re getting started with Piper! We do not include a parent “cheat sheet” unfortunately. The reason is we feel like an instruction guide may get in the way of some of the exploration and excitement that comes from using Piper without specific instructions. If you guys get lost are hit a dead end, come to our forum and we can provide the help!