Glitch on Breadboard Bluffs Story Level?


I’ve been playing with the new Breadboard Bluffs level and had a bit of an issue. I wasn’t really playing attention when connecting the blue wires that conduct to the coils and managed to short my circuit by connecting them in a circle. Since the game prevents you from breaking a “live” wire, I was completely stuck and had to start the level over. Is this intentional? Did I miss a trick that would have let me bypass this or fix it?

I teach Piper to kids and know that they will probably manage to do something similar, so would love to know if this is recoverable.

Thanks for your help!


Hi @carrisima,

You can break “live” wires by right-clicking twice on the block.


  • Jordan

Excellent, thanks! Is there a reason that the level tells you that you can’t break live wires?


Hi @carrisima,

Yes, that is a bit confusing. After the level says, “…you can break your wires by right-clicking it twice with your wrench” it then say’s, “But you can’t completely break wires that are part of the current flow!”. The “completely break” means that you can’t remove wire blocks that are directly connected to a breadboard rail. We’ll look into re-wording this. Thanks for the find!

  • Jordan

One of my students ran into the same issue today. If there is current running through the wires, you can’t break any of the blocks. Since it’s super easy to short circuit yourself on this level, my student had to restart the level about 3 times to make any progress. It’s pretty frustrating - I would definitely bring this back to your devs.


@carrisima Thank you, we will!



Hi Tommy-

I had a lot of problems with this level today - in fact my two top student teams couldn’t complete it. In the second toaster, we just could not get the current to travel through the second arch on the right (facing the front door) no matter what we did. The arch was correctly connected to the green rows that each connected to one end of an element. We even rebuilt the entire blue arch a couple of times and no luck. Is there some secret to getting the current to flow? It was flowing through the first element and came to the base of the blue arch, but then just stopped.


did they go ‘below the floor’?


Hi @carrisima,

I just played Breadboard Bluffs on 2.0.2 and it did work normally. Did both teams have the exact same problem?



I think one was just having trouble making the right connections, and the other hit that glitch. I’ve made it through a couple times so I know what they are supposed to be doing. And for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why the one kid’s current was not continuing through the blue arch. If it happens again I’ll take some screen shots.


Paul, we didn’t fall through the floor on this one! That’s happened to me though.


Also, is there a way to skip a level if it’s not completed? I’m worried about the rest of the class getting stuck in Breadboard Bluffs. The students getting stuck right now had sailed through all the other levels without any help, so the rest are going to really struggle.


I’ll send you a private message

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Hi @carrisima,

I’m guessing @Paul is going to send you a one-off message about how to mark levels as completed in one of the text files without actually finishing them. That is one way, another alternative is to have the students in front take time off to try to help the other students. Use whichever suits your needs!


Accessing Creative Mode Worlds

Thanks Tommy. I tried editing the saved levels text file as Paul suggested, but Piper didn’t unlock any levels. So I’m not sure I changed the right file.

I’m going to keep a close eye on the students today. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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OK the good news is that both teams made it through BreadBoard Bluffs in class. However, I had another team get stuck with a similar issue that I described before. The current just got stuck in one of the blue arches. I made a video to show you (also great to see some live play testing!).

Here’s a link to the video:!Aq2fR2mx54HLqJYLJOmFp60IbiRPmQ

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Hi @carrisima,

Thanks for the video! So far, I’m only able to reproduce a similar issue if I first place blue blocks, right-click to erase them, and then re-place them again. This isn’t very consistent, as more often than not the current will still find and follow the correct path. Thanks for flushing this bug out; we’ll add it to the list!

  • Jordan


P.s., in the interim, you can reset and fix the current flow by erasing (right-clicking) ALL of the blue blocks at the top of the loop and then replacing them.


Hello, I also need help on Breadboard Bluffs. I have gotten through every part except the 2nd toaster fixing part. What happens is I fix one side and make an exact copy of it on the other but on the 2nd side, it doesn’t work. Can someone please respond quickly because I really want to get to the last level.
Thanks in advance!


Sorry I wasn’t able to answer earlier, I was coming back from a trip.

Are all the coils turning red? If not check the wiring for that part that is not getting red. Trace the wires