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plz tell me whean i can get the new sd card


You can get a card from the products page
or try emailing and explain the problem to them.


i cant send a message to them because it sad thees a problem ma-by you can send them them a leter


Try using this link to Piper Support:


how long wold it tack to get the new update on my SD card


If you mean downloading it and flashing tthe sd card, it normally takes me about two hours and most of that is waiting for the computer to finish something.

  • start the download and wait for it to finish (if you grab the 8GB SD card image it is 3.44 GB and the time will depend on your internet connection) I have a fast connection and it takes15-25 minutes to download
  • flash the SD card from the image - takes about 15 minutes
  • put card in Piper and boot - no reall amount of time
    so say about an hour or so of total time.