Getting Spotify running in a web browser or app


Hi everyone,

My daughter would like to listen to spotify while playing with scratch. Do you know if there is a way to get it working on raspbian (this is more like a Raspbian question, but perhaps someone has a clue here) ?
I know that the spotify app doesn’t support arm, and that Firefox does not provide the DRM. I also tried to fake the user-agent with Chromium, but I wasn’t able to make it work.

Perhaps there is another way to do it ? I saw something like raspotify, but this does not seem to be an actual spotify client (this is a kind of relay of another spotify client on the network, isn’t it ?)

Thanks for all,


A quick google search came up with this:


Yes, that’s what I tried (faking the user-agent), but this did not do the trick.

I’m going to try the proposal in the last comment: “TuneFab Spotify Music Converter”


Ok, I’m not a big fan of paying 40$ to remove drms on Spotify.
I will try something else, thx


OK, it seems I have something:

It seems to work, but now I’ve lost my bluetooth speaker (it is correctly paired, but the audio menu doesn’t display it… weird)


You might want to ask about this on the forums.