Getting into Piper, what is a typical flow for kids to learn?


i acquired Piper and my 8yr old loved putting it together. He now just completed the story mode and is at a loss with what to do next? all he sees are new planets at the bottom which are creative mode, and pipernet or pipercode.

I wonder what your thoughts are on the experience flow for the kids?
do they get to use ALL the parts in the box in the story mode? (all the led’s, switches, wires etc.?)
once they have finished the story mode, where would you recommend they go NEXT?

any ideas are wlecome.


have him go thru PiperCode which will introduce him to programming. You can also take a look at this thread: Some ideas of what to do when you have finished all the levels

There are so many things you can do and get hacking. How about using the Pi to work on a Halloween project (GOOGLE ‘rpi holloween projects’)?