Game Screen Size/Resolution


Is there a way to change the default resolution of the Piper Game? We tried to connect the Pi to a television, since it’s an HDMI output, so we would be able to together, but the game opens in a small window and there is no way to maximize it to get it to full screen.


Hi, sorry this reply took so long but I’ve been doing some research.

You can’t expand Piper to the full screen because the processing power of the Pi is too small to handle BUT (don’t you love but’s) there is a way arround it. I’m going to write it up and the Piper guys are going to post it on the blog, so look for the information in a day or so. I’ll also post here when it goes up.


I’m having a similar issue where the screen display is too big, and this creates a big issue when there is something important in an offscreen area. Any help?


Big screens are not well supported in the current software.