Game freezes when trying to enter a planet (in Story Mode)


After a recent update the game freezes after starting, showing the map then clicking on any of the planets. I’ve looked at the logs and the last one has a bunch of lines like this:

Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "/home/pi/piper/game/ui/", line 953, in pulseGlow
wrapped C/C++ object of type Planet has been deleted

Has anybody seen this?


No I haven’t make sure you update to latest version


Counter-intuitively, this error does not cause the program to crash as it’s running outside of the main thread. It just makes our logs ugly :frowning:


Thanks for the quick response-- as mentioned it happened after I updated to the latest. :slight_smile: I’ve been pressing the update button since then, desperately, but no luck…


Please post more of the log (usually the last part is the most useful) if you can. You can omit the traceback messages that you’ve already posted if possible.



This is basically all I have, repeating, unfortunately.

If there is a debug/trace switch somewhere to turn on I could do that.


In the options (gear icon from main menu), does it say v2.2 at the bottom?


Yes indeed, 2.2.0 We got it for Christmas and I just updated to the latest.


I did the reimaging - saved the userData to a usb stick, reimaged, replaced the userData folder in pi/piper/game and now I can run the Piper game again and enter the planets.

However when I do, I get the blue-black screen flashing every 10 seconds, but only when running the Piper game.

I also get the same thing when I try to look at something in the Text editor, before it loads, so I suspect it’s an OS thing.


I decided to use a different power supply and now it’s not flashing any more…


Having an appropriate power supply is important 5V 2amp is a good choice


Indeed, I was just using a phone charger, the 5V/2A is good info, it might
solve others’ problems with flashing screens with power adapters as well.