Funki Fungi Level Problem


From Sam, Piper Player Extraordinaire:

Hi Piper Team,

I just wanted to start by saying how awesome Piper is. I have been addicted and I am actually learning! Anyway, I have an issue. I built up to the portal in the Funki Fungi level, and then I go in the portal. It does the 3d animation thing and then I come out. To the same place. Am I supposed to drop down to the ground or what? I know it’s the right place because it’s surrounded by red wool, there are torches all around the room, and there is a structure in the middle. Please get back to me soon because I really want to get to the next level.

Thanks, Sam


BTW, every time we exit the game, it resets the level. What’s the appropriate way to save our progress before shutting it off?

Thanks, Sam (and dad Michael)


Hey Sam! So glad to hear you are enjoying Piper!!

To proceed past Funky Fungi, please try the following:

  1. Connect to WiFi
  2. Select “Update” on the main menu. This will download the next level that follows Funky Fungi.

Once the next level is downloaded you will be able to beat the funky fungi level. Repeat this process to unlock subsequent levels.

Thanks Sam and let us know if this works for you!


  • Jordan


Hi Sam, congratulations on completing the Funki Fungi level, it’s a tough one!

Following what @jordan said, you may need to restart after downloading the update for the new level to appear in the level selection menu where you can continue your journey. Happy inventing! :slightly_smiling:


@jordan, I know this is going to not be a smart question, but how do you connect to WiFi? Does this simply mean placing the different wires into a computer that is connected to the internet? I am not sure how to do this exactly and any advice would be appreciated. My daughter is finally back to working on her Piper and she is currently on the Funky Fungi level. She is not completely sure what to do, just something about a large mountain with fungi on it, and trying to clear the fungi. Is that the object of this level? Thanks, from @Camicazi


When you put the WiFi dongle into one of the USB ports you are setting up to access WiFi. You have to have a router at your location that issues an IP address to the pi.

Using the WiFi has nothing to do with the unki Fungi level - I’ve given you some ideas in the other post.

(also you should limit yourself to asking a question in just one post, not a bunch - it makes it easier for someone else to answer you in just one spot.



When you log into the main Piper launch screen you will see three buttons in the top right. To connect to WiFi please select the middle button where you will be prompted to insert a password for your WiFi network.

Hopefully this helps and sorry for the delay!



We have the exact same problem where we get to the end of Funky Fungi: go through the portal, then end up at same place.
We went to wifi and connected, checked updates and it says we are all up to date.
Any idea how we can get past this?

P.S. when we end up at Funky Fungi level again, Pip does not talk any more, and the 2 buttons and switch on the white piece (that we set up on a previous level) aren’t working


Did you do an update after completing the level?


Hi Paul

Thanks for your quick response.

We did do an update after completing the level. It said our system was up to date. We were still stuck in the Funky Fungi level without Pip talking.

So then I tried clicking TWO levels ahead, and it began downloading an update. When we rebooted and went back to Funky Fungi, Pips lettering came back as he was speaking again and my daughter managed to complete the level.

Thanks for the email. I’m sure you are busy with everyone getting this for the holidays. My daughter LOVES it!



We’re stuck on the Funki Fungi Level too. I tried doing the levels before, and updating it, but it still is not working. When I finish building the switch, it just goes to a blank pathway, and there are no directions of where to go, because there is no pathway! It just stops in the middle of it.



Hi @valkyriepiper,

After building the switch, you’ll need to make your own bridge up to the exit starting from the broken path and heading toward the large fungi in the canyon. The switch activates the auto-bridge feature that automatically builds a bridge under you as you walk/jump. The switch automatically builds the last structure/stamp that you selected with either one of the buttons you made in the first section of the level (and you can change which auto-bridge stamp is drawn by pressing either one of the buttons).

Good luck!!


Hi jordan,

we are also stuck in this level. My son has already spent hours in this level, because he does not find the exit. He has built bridges to all major structures we see in this level, but still do not find the exit anywhere near these structures.

Cheers, Volker


the exit is not on the top of any of the structures


Dear Paul, thank you very much for your fast reply! Can you give us a small hint where we can search for it?


Did you get to the crafting table to make the three buttons?


Yes, we have the two buttons for building the two different structures and the switch for building below us.


Keep going forward and look at the walls


Thanks a lot. We finally made it…


Help please we can’t find the exit . We have spent hours looking for it- where is it please!!! Many thanks Oscar and Andy