Fsck what is it doing?


Our piper died shortly after we purchased (Christmas last year - ended up buying our own speaker cord as we were part of the group that didn’t have them shipped with?) and I’m finally having a bit of time to try and reanimate the thing.

Is there an explanation somewhere about why it would be doing fsck instead of launching into a shell or the program? How do I know what fsck is doing and if it is stuck? What are my next steps to getting this thing up and running again?



FSCK is a tool for checking the consistency of the file system. If it is running every time you try to start up and not getting into Piper, then the SD card may have become corrupted.

You could try installing the latest version of the Piper image:

FULL (7.40GB) image found here.
COMPRESSED (3.37GB) image found here

on an SD card and see if that works, if it doesn’t you might just want to buy a new SD card. I use Samsung EVO cards.