Flash on PiperBot



I was wondering if it is possible to install Flash on the Piper Computer. I have done a bit of digging on the web and have seen conflicting answers. So I thought I’d check here to see.



This begs the question “Why?”

Have a read of this thread on the RPI forums


Thanks Paul, I’ll give that read.

The reason is that my son gets assigned some school activities through a school website and it requires flash. We can just do this on our home computer but he wanted to see if he could do it on the piper.



Good for him! Seeing how far he (and you) and spread his wings! :fireworks:


Thanks Paul!

I followed the instructions from that thread but unfortunately I just get an error saying could not load plug in when we try to play a flash video.

This isn’t a huge deal and I don’t think we’ll put any more time into sorting this one out. Just wanted to see if we could get it, but not a problem if we can’t.

Thanks for the help.