First Update Working?


To do our first update, using Ethernet connection, should wifi dongle stay connected during update? Taking forever and going into task manager and all menus show no progress but window says “updating” but no evidence of it. Wifi seems to be connected and Internet browser works… Should this take hours given it is our first time doing update?



How long ago did you receive your Piper?


  • Jordan


December 2015, we were in initial Christmas order!


That makes sense! There have been many changes since then and it will take quite a while to update from v102 to the latest v104. The v102 updater unfortunately has very little feedback whether something is actually happening until after it has downloaded and installed the first 40% of the update. This may take up to 15min in this case. If it takes longer than that then we can proceed to the next steps (sometimes interrupting the middle of an update by powering off the box can prevent the update from working on reboot in which case it will show the update window but never progress). Either ethernet cable or WiFi will suffice, but a direct ethernet connection may be faster.


What are next steps? I have stopped and restarted from the beginning a few times. Is it possible it could just take a couple of hours? Also, I can no longer seem to access main toolbar and menu for all of the other games and functions like scratch. How and where do I do that from main game page? Thanks very much. Maybe I just need to be more patient.


I cannot get to the main toolbar either!


From the Piper main menu, select the shutdown icon and it whould give you an option to reboot, power off or exit to desktop.