Favorite level?


Hi Piper community,

We’d like to hear from you! What is your favorite level (and why)?



Just completed a play through. It would be hard to choose one, but I absolutely love the power plant level. It was both pleasing to watch all the contraptions work as well as figuring out the puzzles behind them. :slightly_smiling:


@ethanbayne-Is this the correct positioning of the first button in the power plant level? My daughter seems to think so, but her battery pack went down, and I needed to stop our argument about it. Any advice on what she may be doing wrong? thanks!


@Jordan, my daughter is still new at working through her piper, mainly due to school and other activities, but she is really enjoying the time she has worked through the beginning activities. She is currently trying to start the power plant level, but she is having trouble. I am going to post a picture of how she started it, so if you have time, can you let us know if it is the wrong positioning? Thanks!

P.S. My daughter has liked exploring the story mode world the best so far. She actually ran her battery pack down after an hour or so yesterday evening, and an hour or so this morning really exploring the story mode world, looking at all the details, etc. She actually doesn’t have her wires connected to the small breadboard yet, she likes connecting the wires together to make her move throughout the world! Does that sound strange? She enjoys it though!


Hey @Camicazi, that looks fine to me! For the first part of that level where you are in a room with a wire going around the room, you have to push and hold the button to connect the circuit. When holding down the button, watch the yellow signal go all the way around the room and open the door. I hope this helps! :slightly_smiling:

If nothing happens when you push the button, it might have a weak connection, make sure the button is pushed properly into the white breadboard. :slightly_smiling:


You could also try

  1. swapping wires with some of the other wires you have
  2. try with another button switch
  3. bypass the switch and tough the two wires together (you become the switch)



This looks correct although I can’t tell from the picture if it is wired to the correct Pi pins. As @ethanbayne mentioned, please try holding the button down in the first part of that level.


  • Jordan


@ethanbayne, yes this really helps! This is actually Camicazi’s mother, miss Camicazi is eleven years old and in school full-time, but I will definitely have her read your description. I remember looking at the screen and seeing a yellow signal or wire? going around the room. I will let her know that she needs to hold down the button, to see if the yellow signal goes all around the room to open the door. She has had some problems making sure these buttons and pushed down into the breadboard and controller? correctly. It seems like the silver prongs are bent the wrong way a lot of times, and I’m always afraid they are going to break if you maneuver them too much. Thanks so much!


@Paul, thanks for the advice! Like I have said before on these posts, we are total newbies at electronics, so everyone’s advice has really helped us when my daughter has gotten stuck. I am just now learning that the wires seem to be interchangeable, that you can use other button switches. My daughter likes putting the wires together to make her move in minecraft, I didn’t realize that makes her the switch! Thanks!


@Jordan, it looks like the Pi pins they are leading from are in pins 38 and 37. @lasermike explained to me a few weeks ago, that is starts from the upper right hand side on the Pi pins at number 1, then goes through 20 on the far upper left, then I guess it would be Pi pin 21 on the lower right hand side, then move through to pin number 40 on the lower left hand side, so that would make the wires that she has them coming from in pins 38 and 37. Is this correct? Or am I incorrect about the numbering, it might be helpful if I and anyone else not knowing the pin number system knew the correct number, I would think. If someone can let me know, I would very much appreciate the electronic tips!


Hi @Camicazi,

We use the attached physical pin numbering system. Note that pin #1 is closest to the SD card slot. If you flipped this image 180 degrees, then it would directly map to how you (and your daughter) view the pins with Piper (with pins 39 and 40 being on the far left side).

(Reference: https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/usage/gpio-plus-and-raspi2/)


Therefore, the first button in the Power Plant level is wired to pins #34 and #36 (between the green and red controller button pins). Let us know if this works for you and please remember that the button needs to be held down in the first room of the level. Cheers


@Jordan, thank you so much for displaying this diagram. I had already forgotten the correct numbering system apparently! I need to think of this diagram flipped 180 degrees, like you said. I think she has the wires in the incorrect positioning then, according to your next reply. Thanks so much for sending this. I didn’t know what electronic pins were before piper!


@Jordan, thanks for letting us know which are the correct pins. Now that I went to take a look at her wire positioning in her pins, looking at the above diagram upside down, I think she has her wires in the correct pins, in the second group of two on the far left, which would make it for pins 34 and 36. So I think she is right, yea! I just have to get used to using this diagram flipped over! Thanks again!


Here it is from the Piper perspective … :grin: