Faulty Battery pack


I am a teacher and have 9 piperbot kits that use in my classroom. The kits were purchased back in the August t 2016 and have been used by 3 classes (12 weeks per class) I’m on my fourth use with this current class. 3 of my nine batteries have ceased to charge. I replaced one battery from my Demo unit. The other two do not charge when I plug them into the charging unit. I have to sit and hold the battery on the charger to get a connection, so the battery can charge. is this a known issue? I need to know if I am going to have to replace all the batteries before next year.


I’ll forward thais on to the Piper guys, but batteries have a lifespan and it is quite possible that they are starting to hit thier end of life. On the other hand, if you can hold the charger cable in and it charges, then the socket for the charging cable may be failing from use.


Thanks I will order more then.


Hi Cheryl,

Thanks for reaching out and glad the computers are continuing to be used. It may be time to refresh your batteries from our parts store.

Thank you!



Yes Tommy,
The Batteries and Speakers are starting to die. However the replacement speakers don’t come with the USB charging cable and believe or not, I have three kits where the students have LOST those cables :frowning: so where do I get those replaced.

The picture of the battery on your site is different from mine (see attached). Is the battery on the site the newest edition? Just wondering. How long does it take to receive shipments once parts are ordered? I need to have the batteries ASAP since we will be finishing Story mode and starting Piper coding for the first time. Thanks again.

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