External speaker


My son is trying to hook up an aftermarket speaker so that he can turn up the volume. The piper doesn’t seem to be getting the proper data via the cord. Can you not hook up an aftermarket speaker or is there a trick to it? Thanks!


it depends on the speaker. Is it a powered speaker with an amp? what is the ohm and watt rating? Is he sending the output from the Pi to an amp and then from the amp to the new speaker? What is the brand of speaker?

I reallise you might not know the answer to any of these questions but that is the kind of information that is needed tohelp you out. You can’t just attach a big speaker to any device and expect it to work unless it is a powered speaker that has an amp built in.

A good test is to take your mobile phone and see if it can drive the speaker. If it can’t, the pi won’t either.


Thanks Paul. It’s just a speaker designed to plug into a phone or tablet. Nothing powerful.


does it work when pluggen into a phone? It’s probably a powered speaker so it has to be charged.


Yes we actually have a few speakers like this. They work fine plugged into the iPad but none seem to work with the piper. Thanks for responding though!


You could try this (I’m doing this from memory so you might have to play a bit).

  1. Exit to the desktop and click on the PI
  2. in the top left and you should get a menu.
  3. one of the options towards the bottom will (Accessories??) should have ‘Raspi-config’
  4. go to the Advanced Options->Audio and select item ‘1’ (Force 3.5mm Jack)
  5. reboot and try the speaker.