Educator Kit - rebuild


Once you build the kit, can it be dismantled and rebuilt by other students later?


Yes it absolutely can be.



Yes, we’ve taught 2 classes so far with 6-12 kits and we disassemble the kits with our students, down to its original state except for the top and bottom latches - the screws are so tiny the kids (ages 8-11) are often frustrated, so we leave those on. It’s worked well so far and we’ll do it 5 more times this summer with our camps - fingers crossed the kits hold up! We have encountered a few issues with wood pieces attaching too tightly and if kids try to pull it apart they may break/splinter skinny pieces. So we tell them if it’s too tight and they cannot pull apart with a gentl tug, we will do it for them.

Remember to ask students to ‘reset data’ before disassembly if there’s time.