Earn $$$ as a Piper Ambassador


Piper community,

We are looking for parents and educators who would like to be paid between $1200-$2500/wk to work with Piper this summer.

We are offering Piper camps to new and existing customers across the country. If you have access to a space and excited campers, reach out to tommy@withpiper.com for details on the Piper Ambassador Program.

What Piper offers:

Discounted Piper Units
Live Piper Training
Piper Camp Curriculum
Piper Teacher’s Guide
Spare and Replacement Parts
Piper branded marketing material specific to your camp

The formula is very simple. You bring Piper to your community through a weeklong camp of 5-12 students and we compensate you for the instruction and time you provide.

We look forward to working together!


Im teaching Piper this summer, if posible, but I think I would love to do this through Piper, as I would then know the product inside out!! Hope Im not too late for this oppurtunity!
Claudia Coleman