Description of each level for educators?


Tommy sent me a one-pager document a few months ago outlining Mars Level.

It was really helpful in getting started and sharing with my assistant instructor. Do you have these for the other levels as well? We will be teaching several “Piper” camps this summer and I would love to send these to my instructors who are new to Piper.

The Intro, Concept and Troubleshooting sections are most helpful for us.


We will create similar information for the other levels! I will post those once completed in this forum as well as on our new Educators page

We are also working on more detailed (and free!) curriculum that supports all existing chapters which will be ready by end of Summer.



Our first camp is June 20th. It would be great if you could post them by then - thank you so much!

This is a great product! The 20 kids we held a class for this spring loved it. I will share their feedback in another post.


HI, we will be making a few edits but wanted to get you what we have for chapter descriptions from David who used Pipers in his 6th grade Fab Lab.

Follow this link to the overview:

We will be updating this overview next week, but this should get you going! Thanks to David for putting this together.



Please share if you have latest plans for classroom.


Here is a link to our Google+ page which has our Piper Educator’s Guide. Within the guide you will find lots, and lots and lots of resources to support your Piper program:

Thanks for your support!