Delayed order and terrible support


My mom had purchased this for my nephew for Christmas. She placed the order on the 17th. The website said free 2 day Fedex shipping and be there in time for Christmas. As of Friday she had not received a shipping confirmation so we contacted support. They said it is being fulfilled by Amazon and will be in time for Christmas. Today we received a shipping confirmation. It has an estimated delivery date of the 27th. We contacted support again and their response this time was it was shipped. This is terrible support and terrible product responsibility. Not only did we not receive the product in time for Christmas but it was also sent UPS and not Fedex. My mom usually does a bunch of gifts and one big gift. It is sad that my nephews big gift this year will be a printed picture of what she ordered. It is very disappointing when they promise you one thing and do not take any responsibility. Also their support group does not seem to care and just sends an email saying it was shipped. No apology no offer to make things right. NOTHING.


I’m very sorry this has happened. Please send an email to and she will try to help you.