Dead battery and cracked clear plastic frame on raspberry pi


I’ve been charging trying to charge the power supply for 6 hours using both an iPad charger (3 hrs) and a USB port on a powered-on computer (3 hrs) and haven’t seen any lights on it yet. Seems like we have a defective power supply similar to the folks on this thread.

Also, the clear plastic frame on the Raspberry Pi unit was cracked in several places when we opened the box. There were four separate pieces of plastic in the bottom of the box. I might be able to superglue them together, but I’m also afraid the unit may be damaged as well given the rough ride it seems to already have had.

What is the best way to rectify these issues?


Hi @oevans,

Sorry to hear! I’ll send you a follow-up message with the best method of getting replacement parts.


  • Jordan